Window Missed, Try Again

We missed our Tuesday 1/20/2015 window for the Pegasus-1 launch at Koerner Aviation’s airfield in Kankakee, IL. An antenna that did not arrive in time was the issue that postponed the flight. A new launch window has opened and we will take advantage of it. The bad news is that our new window is very tight and our location moves to the West coast, 2000 miles away. The new window is 11:00AM PST on Wednesday January 28th on the eastern side of Washington State, in the proximity of Quincy, WA. We leave for Seattle later this week to attend meetings and a conference. Wednesday, the 28th, is our only opportunity to make the 3 hour trek across the Cascade mountain range to the launch location. The eastern “desert” of Washington provides us a near treeless environment, which helps to remediate potential recovery issues. The weather and high-level wind forecast for 1/28/2015 is beyond the forecast range at this point, which means we are chancing a grounding due to weather. We will pack up the equipment, which is considerable, and ship to the hotel in Seattle today.


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