Pegasus II Communications Architecture

A quick look at the communications architecture for Pegasus II.  Our 7lb payload of radios and sensors is generating a considerable amount of communications to various users and services.  Phone Apps, Web Site, Power BI, and Flight Ops at Mission Control all have user interfaces.  Additionally, we added SMS and email services to notify users to the flight launch and a few critical points during the flight.  We will store the telemetry as we receive it and make it publically available through DocDB.  The video (not shown) will be streamed from its own field gateway directly into Azure Media Services where you can see Pegasus’s eye-in-the-sky during the flight.

Also, we are likely to scratch the proposed Boulder, CO launch site due to several issues with winds. Currently, investigating Wyoming as a stronger candidate for a launch site.


A broader view of the overall Piraeus Architecture that enables the bidirectional communications for Pegasus II


Finally a view of how we use Orleans, which is a horse power behind our scale and low latency (real-time IOT)








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