Pegasus II – Launch Window Sept 28, 2015

Pegasus II mission team is pushing out launch window to week of Sept. 28th, 2015 at our location in Cheyenne, WY.

Remember to go to and sign up for flight notifications.

I have shown, image below, the full expected flight profile from launch to touchdown as well as the critical communications that impact the flight.

The ascent phase will take about 95 minutes from our launch altitude climbing to 100,000 feet.  Once we get to the target altitude between we begin the Separation, Descent, and Landing sequence, or SDL.  SDL happens through communications from cloud intelligence running in a Microsoft Azure Data Center over a thousand miles away.  The entire SDL sequence depends of our ability have the cloud act as the “brain” for Pegasus II and communicate with extreme low latency to the remote craft in this hostile environment.  This intelligence determines when to separate the craft from the delivery system, or Delivery System Release (DSR) at the target altitude.  The next phase is the high speed descent (HSD) as the craft rapidly descends on its tiny drogue parachute.  The cloud intelligence will be computing the forward vertical position on the craft in time and issue a command for Main Parachute Deployment (MPD), when the craft is at an altitude of 12,000 feet.  This command will unfurl a 7 foot parachute and slow the craft down for a safe landing and touchdown. If everything doesn’t work just right…well, we will own some expense debris.

Dare Mighty Things 😀



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