New Launch Window and Win10 App

We will know in the next 48 hours whether the Oct 5 – 6 launch date will hold good news for weather conditions.  We will advise of a go or no-go on Monday or Tuesday (Sept 28 or 29).

Our Win10 and windows phones are now searchable in the Windows app stores.  You can search for “Pegasus Mission” and install the free app to watch the flight of Pegasus II.  You can also send a message to the craft inflight and we will show you message on a tiny LCD display outside the craft and record it into the video record during flight.

We will advise shortly on the phone apps for Android and iOS, stay tuned.

Remember to go to the Web site and sign up for SMS flight notifications and the craft will text your phone when it launches so you will not miss the flight.

We hope the UAV gods can an excellent weather forecast for next week in the next 48 hours 😀

Best Wishes,



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