Pegasus II -Flight Oct 5 CANCELLED will try Oct 6

Pegasus experienced a delay, then cancellation of flight for Oct 5 due to a mechanical failure in the Delivery System Release (DSR) servo.  The cancellation was necessary because of the failure of the servo and the time needed to obtain and test new equipment. High altitude is inherently a risky business and mission commanders will not put the craft at unnecessary risk to make dates, thus cancellation of the Oct 5 flight was required.

We have a 2 day window to make flight and will try for a 9AM (Mountain Time) lift off for Pegasus II, Oct 6, 2015.  Weather conditions are not optimal with scattered thunderstorms rolling through the area.  However, we believe a window exists between 9AM-11AM for the team to make a safe flight and conduct recovery operations near Cheyenne, WY.

We will try to make flight on Oct 6.  However, if thunderstorms exist between 7:30 and 9AM tomorrow, Oct 6, at the launch site,  the mission will be scrubbed and force a multi-week delay in flight and possibly a new launch location.

We will try and hope the weather holds for flight.


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