Message To Pegasus II Mission Team

The Pegasus Mission was conceived over a year ago and at that time Mark Nichols and I never could have dreamed where we would be today.  We certainly thank you and are eternally grateful for allowing us to enter your life.  The nexus began nearly a decade ago and over the fullness of time we have created a combined vision to go forth to execute something not done before, perhaps not even conceived, and certainly never attempted.  The entire team has dedicated itself to this endeavor, knowing that nothing we may achieve is without risk, and there are no guarantees of success. That is the trademark of courage.   The possibility of even attempting what we and others are about to experience would never have been possible without the help and support of the entire mission team, the people that are on the flight line, and the people that are remote.    You should be immensely proud of your work, your contributions, and your achievements, because few get the opportunity to live out a dream, the freedom to explore and the desire and will to do it.  You will do just that.  At some point in the future, because of your sacrifices you may have inspired others to live out their dreams, and this will be your perpetual reward.  We are all part of something greater than ourselves, peers on a mission of something not thought possible, and forever entwined together in a grand and risky experiment to furthest reaches of our planet… a place where man cannot travel.  It is time to begin that last phase of the mission, the flight of Pegasus II.  Let us go make some High Altitude Science history together.


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