Feb 22, 2016 is the day before the launch of Pegasus II, and we have much to do.  The preflight list of final tests is rather long and by this afternoon the Pegasus II will be ready for transport to the launch site in Kankakee, IL.  Our friends at Alder Planetarium will be with us to assist in the launch and chase.  Many thanks to Michele, “Hammer”, for organizing the assistance.

This morning we will run a final video test this morning between 9-10:30 CST, while uninteresting, you may see it for a brief time on the Web site.  Following the video test, we will run a final system check, which you may also see in the Web site and mobile apps.

Note:  The mobile apps have the best experience when connected to WiFi.

Important:  Don’t forget to signup again for flight text message notifications at

We will check our telemetry transmissions, flight operation controls, remote intelligence, text messaging, and user messages.

After the final tests is time to “button-up” and get a precise measurement of the weight.  We use this to compute the neck-lift and measure out weight the balloon should lift during the fill operation. Now it is time to get the giant Helium container and a few items and pack-up.

We will send notifications confirming that we are flight-ready for Feb 23, 2016 @11:00AM





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