Pegasus II – Field Tests

The Pegasus Mission Team will attempt a field test of the Pegasus II payload and communications systems this weekend (Mar 12-13).  Flight command will declare a flight ready status and open a new launch window to follow shortly, if the field tests are completed within operating parameters.

The APRS system has been removed that caused an air pressure sensor to malfunction and replaced with Iridium satellite communications as the tertiary backup location system.  The Iridium satellite communications are integrated with the Microsoft Cloud to store data and leverage a 3rd party service.  This will allow the flight crews access to all Iridium communications and receive an email every 5 minutes to determine location as a convenience to the busy crews.  This tertiary system becomes critical if the primary and secondary GPS systems onboard the Pegasus II experience a failure.

The team will test communications with the payload, ground station, mobile station, field gateways, Operational Technology (Piraeus), satellite communications, remote intelligence, mission control, and array of subsystems communicating with the Operational Technology running in the Microsoft Cloud, e.g., Web site, mobile apps, text message notifications, user messages, logs, DocumentDB, Blob storage, Table storage, Queue storage, 3rd party services, Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, and Power BI.

Stand by for an update on Mar 14 or Mar 15 2016.

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