Trip to Visit North American Eagle

The Pegasus Mission spent Wednesday morning (7/27/16) with the North American Eagle team discussing placing our telemetry package onboard to deliver a real-time experience during the run for a land speed record. This story FAR exceeds a novel attempt at breaking a record. It is a 17-year story of dogged determination, and complex problem solving that took years…one problem at a time on shoe-string budget. There is also an interesting connection with the history of the aircraft, which Ed Shadle resurrected from a piece of junk and former pilots have reconnected. This makes NAE living piece of history on its final mission into the history books.

STEM is everywhere in this craft capable of 835 mph. It is both engineering and art in many ways. It is one story after another on conquering insurmountable odds in an effort to challenge assumptions about what is possible. The Pegasus Mission connects with this remarkable and resourceful team and we are ALL-IN. The NAE team’s effort is not just noble, it is truly heroic.

Our mission is to bring a global audience a real-time experience of Jessi Combs historic run with video and telemetry via Azure through Web and Mobile. Likely occurring between Sept 18th and Oct 15th of 2016. We will also deliver a “virtual cockpit” experience such that users can visualize what the pilot sees, telemetry, and controls…a combination of science and visual art. An interesting note is this will be done from a physical location where no Internet or cellular communications exists…done with a satellite feed to a global audience in milliseconds.

NAE is much more than a “race” for record.  It is a team that embodies all of us, the human race, challenging the status quo through a mission nearly 2 decades. Funding support is greatly appreciated to ease the financial burden the NAE team shelters themselves to bring this event to life in a new digital era.  You can make a small donation at their Web site, to help ease the personal expense of the 6 week long and massive logistical effort to ready the craft for its run into history…be a part of history.

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