The Adventure within the Adventure

The Pegasus Mission will bring you a live telemetry broadcast and hopefully a live video broadcast of a new world land speed record from the remote Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon, thanks to North American Eagle (NAE).  With luck, Ed Shadle and Jessi Combs will each pilot the NAE into the history books being the fastest people on travel on land. The NAE is a modified F-104 Starfighter, once capable of MACH 2.8 in the air, but now capable of 835 mph on land. It is a 17-year project in the making, and The Pegasus Mission is honored to support the effort of a team of true heroes that challenge the frontiers of STEM and human ingenuity to benefit us all.

Our task is to broadcast real-time telemetry from the NAE to mobile and Web apps as the NAE screams across the desert floor to a global audience in milliseconds from the event, i.e., real-time IoT at the speed of sound. We will also capture the onboard telemetry (~60K msg/sec)  and video and upload so you can view the thrill of the runs on demand with views from the cockpit and our 2 drones. You will also be able to send a friendly message to the NAE team through the apps and have it captured on video directly behind the pilot’s seat. This noble team has spent nearly 2 decades for this moment and your support by sending a simple message is reward enough.  We thank you in advance.

The entire event is challenging beyond belief, because it is not “only” an engineering and technology challenge, it is also an extreme logistics challenge. Consider it requires a small city to constructed on the desert floor to execute this event. There are no amenities much less water, food, bathrooms, fuel, electricity, or Internet available. If you don’t bring it with you, it’s not going to be available. The NAE burns 90 gallons of fuel per minute and is schedule to make 8 runs. This requires 2,000 gallons of jet fuel to be transported onto the desert floor…and that’s just the cost of admission for the 35-member crew.

Our part is far less extensive in terms of logistical needs, but has to be managed. Vehicles, rooms, planned fuel stops, a 7x4x3 205 lb. SATCOM, MREs, batteries, UPS, routers, video equipment, water, ice chests, chairs, drones, computers, chargers, extension cords, generator, etc., etc. all need to be addressed and coordinated. A constant stream of development and testing on the applications that will bring this event to a global audience is equally demanding before publishing to you. Splice this together with a well-orchestrated communications plan so the audience can know what is happening and when, and you have complex choreography with our skeleton Pegasus field crew.

Locked in on the week of Sept 24, we will meet the challenge head-on and do our best to bring a global audience and experience they can participate … at the speed of sound.

Dare Mighty Things and bring the future into the present.

Stay tuned 🙂


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