Why is North American Eagle Important?

The impressive thing about North American Eagle (NAE) is not just the engineering of the vehicle, it is the people.  When you attempt to challenge the frontiers of the possible with seemingly impossible obstacles, it is likely to become inspirational.

Understanding NAE and the race for the land speed record is story more about people than engineering.  The odds are long and success is not a guarantee. This simple fact becomes the gravity where we relate our own life experiences to their challenge.  It is this tacit exchange where the struggle to achieve is absorbed on an individual basis.  We love the underdog because we are the underdog.

NAE’s story started over 17 years ago and during that time it has taken an enormous team of volunteers to make the attempt possible. Those 17 years will translate into a focal point for 2 critical minutes where machine, pilot, and crew challenge the barrier of the impossible with the drama of fire and speed.

Disappointment is a possibility, but failure is not in the vocabulary. It is the effort, a Herculean effort, where the attempt to succeed is more important than the success itself.  That’s the part of the human experience we connect.  They carry all of us them onboard the NAE…the underdogs.

NAE will triumph and one day rest in museum.  It will be tribute to the underdogs, the dreamers, and those with the will to challenge assumptions about what is possible. That is why breaking the land speed record is important.

Dare Mighty Things 🙂


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