Users Guide North American Eagle

Our ask is to please share on your social network for awareness for this event.

The apps, Web and mobile, allow you watch and participate in the North American Eagle race for the land speed record. The apps perform 3 functions:

  1. Watch the real-time telemetry from our device in the cockpit of the NAE
  2. Virtual Cockpit of  previous runs with video and telemetry from NAE’s onboard system.
  3. Send a friendly message  to the NAE team or pilot that will displayed and recorded in the cockpit.

The mobile apps are ready in the Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores.  Search for “Pegasus Mission” and select the Pegasus Mission-NAE app and download.

The Web site for NAE experiment is here.

Text message notifications are here.

Each run the North American Eagle takes, approx. 8 miles only takes about 3-4 minutes from start to finish.  There are 7 scheduled runs and the timing of each run is nondeterministic.  You will want to sign up for text message notifications , so we can notify you when a run is about to start.  We will also let you know about any video or records broken immediately following the runs.



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