Pegasus-NAE Day 1

Day 1 is purely for logistics needs.  We must pick up the large and heavy satellite communications gear needed to establish an Internet connection from the remote Alvord Desert where North American Eagle will make her runs.

Much confusion as entered the frame on the SATCOM during the last 48 hours.  When the Waybill was analyzed, the expected of 205 lbs. weight had ballooned to 507 lbs. Totally unexpected.  Further information told us that the dimensions where also considerably larger than what we had obtained for transportation.  With the SATCOM is transit, there is nothing to do but change the type of vehicle to haul it.

The arrangements were made, but only to find out after arrival in Boise, ID, that the dimensions did not consider the wheel wells of the rented truck. A trip to pick up the SATCOM at FedEx confirmed that the truck was too small.  Finally, with a bigger truck, i.e., 15′, we could get the SATCOM loaded with a forklift.

The plan will be to not remove the equipment from the truck and hopefully point the dish out of the back at the satellite. Otherwise, this is going to be an ordeal to unload and load the equipment from the truck.

Day 1 in the books.  The rest of the teams arrives tomorrow and we will obtain more odds and ends before traveling to the desert Sunday morning (180 miles) and rendezvous with the NAE team to begin setup.


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