Pegasus-NAE Day 2

The Pegasus team has arrived in Boise, ID to make the 180+ mile drive to the NAE camp in the Alvord Desert in Oregon on Monday Sept. 25, 2016. The last of the logistical needs were finished with brief shopping trips to Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot. We will caravan a car, SUV, and the truck with the SATCOM to the base camp Monday morning with an expected arrival around 12pm. The truck, with SATCOM, will remain at the base camp until NAE’s mission is finished.

The team will be staying at night in Burns, OR (130 miles from camp) until after the last NAE run.

Our job Monday will be to operationalize the SATCOM, then run a test confirming bidirectional communications between the Field Gateway, the device running on NAE local area network, and the user applications.


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