Pegasus-NAE Day 4

NAE Base Camp Video

A big THANK YOU for your interest yesterday in the early evening test run attempt.  We had ~1,400 people from around the world watching the live telemetry stream and a some sending messages to the North American Eagle…even one message from Australia.

The test run was necessary to ensure that safety of the pilots, Ed Shadle and Jessi Combs.  Ed Shadle was to take the vehicle through a series a maneuvers that would be required for speed runs and verify the operational condition.  Unfortunately, an issue with the hydraulics of the steering system occurred shortly after Ed began the run and had to abort.

Make no mistake, Les Holm and the NAE field crew are doing what is required to remediate and get the NAE back in operational condition for speed runs on Day 5.  We update status on Twitter and SMS notifications to the upcoming runs.  Please remember to follow us on Twitter (@PegasusMission) and sign up from text message notifications.

You can follow in the Web and/or download mobile apps for searching for “Pegasus Mission” or “PegasusMissions” in your app store and select the NAE app.

We captured outstanding drone footage on Day 4 of the base camp.  Plans for Day 5 include expanding the drone coverage for the NAE runs and augmenting with still video.  We have high expectations for the video coverage in the desert.

The device and telemetry system worked well on Day 4 with the vehicle positioned 4.5 miles south of our communications command center.  We expect to maintain communications throughout the 10.5 length of the course and be able to transmit telemetry and receive messages from around the world.  FYI, these communications occur in a few milliseconds from the actual event…what you see and send is VERY real-time.

You can be a part of history today by tuning in on social media and using to the apps to send a friendly message to the pilot of the NAE.  Your message will be a part of video record as NAE zoooOOOMS into the history books.


Dare Mighty Things 🙂
















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